Our iOS and iPadOS version history with a little bit of humor.


June 27, 2022

A polish update! As we get closer to launching Glass Anywhere with email login and payments, we needed to clean up a few things in the app.

  • Caching should be greatly improved. Photos should load faster and you should see the full color frame less often. (Still may see it on a slow/bad internet connection.)
  • Improved profiles when you're scrolling.
  • Regular ol' bug fixes. Bugs, right? Who needs 'em. Not us.


May 30, 2022

Introducing Bookmarks!

There are so many inspiring photographs on Glass. Now you can keep better track of them. Glass 2.1 introduces Bookmarks! See a portrait with perfect lighting you want to try to imitate next time you’re in the studio? Bookmark it. A kind conversation between a few folks sharing tips you want to make sure you don’t forget? Bookmarks. Just really love how you feel when you see the photo? Mark that book, friend.

Bookmarks are completely private and just for you.


May 12, 2022

Have you ever turned your phone on its side to see a photo in landscape mode? Us too. With this update, it actually does something. Full Screen Mode is here! It especially shines on iPad.

We also knocked a few bugs out, polished a few little bits and bobs, etc.

You know. The usual.


April 12, 2022

Glass for the Web, links, bug fixes, oh my! Glass for the Web is here and it is wonderful.

You can now use Glass on your iPhone, iPad, and in any browser you want. Your photos shine on iPhone, mesmerize on iPad, and they’ll blow you away on the Web. Just head to glass.photo/signin to get started.

With the addition of Glass on the Web, we have a new feature on iOS & iPad — Links! Just like our chronological feed, we’re out here celebrating features from the early 2000s.

Links in the captions? Do it to it. Sharing a link in the comments? Definitely. Spamming people with links to your NFT collection in the comments over and over and over and over? One way ticket to Account Deletion, population You.


February 16, 2022

Just a quick bug fix — Glass crashing for you on iOS 14? No more. We fixed that. Because we love you.


February 15, 2022

Glass for iPad is here! Glass is wonderful on iOS and it feels at home on the iPad.

Have you found yourself enjoying Glass, but wishing you had a larger screen? Yeah, us too. So we got to work on an iPad version of Glass. It’s everything you love about Glass, but bigger and better. We don’t wanna get lost in the specifics here, but, like, it’s really good. With this 2.0 launch, we’ve also squashed some minor bugs and improved stability across the app. Also uploading should be way faster. Just lots going on. But iPad.

iPad is the point. Get lost in Glass today.


December 25, 2021

Happy holidays! We got you something. Open it! Okay, we’ll tell you. It’s XPAN support. 3:1 ratios are now supported for photos uploaded in landscape. Show us your wide photos, please and thank you.

Oh, and threw a few bug fixes into your stocking.


December 9, 2021

TL; DR — We made you a like button. But, like, keep reading.

What would a like button look like if it wasn’t fueling addictive algorithms and collecting personal data? How would it act if it wasn’t the most prioritized action in the app? What if it was a little slower? What would it feel like if it’s only purpose was to show appreciation instead of drive ad sales and retargeting? What if it was on a photo app, not one disguised as a shopping app?

Well, it’d look like Appreciations. Appreciate a photo or a comment. You can find the Appreciate button on the photo detail page and next to comments. Appreciations are private — just between you and the other member. No counts anywhere (duh).

You can turn off notifications under Settings > Notifications.

We hope you love it.


November 22, 2021

Why would we make a widget? Are you kidding? It’s basically a gorgeous app icon. See the latest photo from your Following Feed or a Category feed on your Home Screen. Small, medium, or large? Yes.


November 12, 2021

Well. It was bound to happen eventually. Just a quick fix for a small number of people who are having trouble creating accounts. Nothing more. Nothing less.

That’s it. That’s the end of the release notes. Promise the next one will be more exciting.


November 11, 2021

You know when you view a photo and you see the Categories applied to it, you want to tap them to go directly to that specific Category view? Yeah, we did too.

For all eleven of you who still have their phones make noises, we threw in a custom notification sound. It’s pleasing. Good enough that we may even turn sounds back on. Who can say?


October 27, 2021

Public profiles! Share your Glass profile anywhere on the web! Open in App! Link the bio! Put a link in your Glass profile before putting your Glass profile as your profile link! We’re talking too fast sorry this is just a real cool release sorry okay. Deep breath in.

Deep breath out.

Let’s start from the top. You can now make your Glass profile public! You’ll be able to share your Glass profile on Twitter, YouTube, or any other, uh, social network.

Want to include a link to your website in your Glass bio? Well, now you can.

When you open a photo or profile shared from Glass on your phone, you’ll now be able to open it directly in the app.

We’re thrilled to see your profiles out in the wild.


October 12, 2021

Alright, the app is more stable and reliable. While laying the groundwork for our coming features, we squashed bugs. Shhh… we also snuck a little feature into this release. As a treat. Lens information! Enjoy a more complete metadata experience.

We’ve taken a big can of Bugs-B-Gone to the codebase.

  • When you scroll too fast and you see the same picture twice? Fixed. No more glitch in the Matrix.
  • Uploading via the Share Sheet and never showing up in the app? Significantly less likely to happen. We cleared a route through the World Wide Web for your photos so they don’t get lost. There are still a few edge cases we’re paving roads for, but overall, reliability is greatly improved.
  • Randomly logged out? No more. We hope. We think. Pretty sure.
  • A bunch of tiny bugs that we’re not even going to dignify with a call out. They don’t deserve it.


September 17, 2021

Categories! Add ‘em to your new photos during upload! Tappy tap the shiny new Edit button on the photos you’ve already posted to add Categories to them! Browse Categories with your eyes under the Community tab!

That’s it. That’s all that’s in this release. Just a new way to organize photos, browse photos, find new photographers shooting the style of photography you love, and editing. Twitter doesn’t have an edit button. Is that unfair? Yes. Are we still saying it? Well, just here. It’d be rude to tweet it.


September 5, 2021


  • Fixed the Uploading… progress bug. Your photos now no longer upload in secret.
  • Sometimes when tapping through to a member’s profile, it wouldn’t load their photos. Bad. We fixed it and now profiles load fully. Good.

Okay, back to Discovery.


September 1, 2021

You start working on one project only to find something that needs fixing to be able to keep working on the original project. So you start to fix it. And then something else needs fixing and so it goes until you’re changing your car’s oil just so you can do the laundry.

This is that, but with bug fixes and smaller things as we prep for our update for improved Discovery.

  • Invites, shminvites. Glass is open now, no invite code required.
  • Pronoun support! Just add them under your profile settings.
  • Speaking of profile settings, you can now change your username there too.
  • The pesky notch has been dealt with.
  • Y’all really didn’t like the auto-zoom on horizontal pictures. So we got rid of it.
  • Refined some edge-swiping to make it more consistent.

Discovery! It’s coming soon. Promise.


August 14, 2021

What isn’t new? This whole thing is new! Welcome to Glass! Glass is a new photo sharing app and community. Your photography is the point on Glass. We think you—oh, you can see the app screenshots below? Oh, and the whole app description. Right. That makes sense.

Okay, let’s talk bugs! We fixed a whole bunch!

  • We had a few minor issues in our onboarding flow that some of you found. They are no more.
  • You can now use a single character in your name.
  • Fixed a really annoying scrolling bug that was blocking off some of the text for you in the onboarding.
  • Usernames are lowercase only. We mean it.
  • We have a feedback board for our community. The first bit of feedback we took was putting it in the settings section.
  • Various small bugs that aren’t important enough to make jokes about.

That’s it! Enjoy the community and the good vibes.


August 11, 2021
  • Fixed dynamic text issue on onboarding and login screens
  • When following photographers in a list view, if you scroll past and then come back they now indicate the correct followed/not followed state
  • Updated App Store screenshots
  • Updated App Store description and promotional text


August 10, 2021


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