April 12, 2022

Say hello to Glass on the Web

A beautiful, immersive experience is one click away.Announcements

Glass on the Web

We’ve been sweating the details on Glass for the Web for last few months. We don’t want to talk it up too much, but we think you’re going to love it. The immersive Glass grid, full of photography you’ve curated, looks exceptional on your biggest screen. And uploading to Glass right in the browser is a game changer.

Anything you can do in the app, you can do on the Web. And with today's release of Glass 2.0.2 on iOS and iPad, you can do even more. Glass now has full link support. Links work wherever you put them. Link in the bio? Of course. Want to include a link in your caption? Go right ahead. Want to share more context in the comments? Link away.

Photography by Janeé Smith, Daniel Agee, Roy Handy, Florian Kriechbaumer, and Titouan
Photography by Kirsten

Beyond the full Glass experience on the Web, there are a few web-only features we want to highlight.

Full Screen Mode

Our most immersive view yet. It’s easier than ever to get lost in photography, discovering details you would’ve missed. Full screen is a web-only feature for the moment, but we expect we’ll see it on iPad in the future.

Photography by Markus Naarttijärvi


Navigate Glass with ease using our keyboard shortcuts. Fly through a profile or Category with the arrow keys, send an Appreciation with the a button, or start a comment with a simple c.

Photography by Janeé Smith

Sign up & Subscriptions — Coming this Summer

This summer, you’ll be able to sign up for Glass with your email and pay for a membership right in the browser. Yes, the web version of Glass looks great on any screen.

Yes, including Android screens.

Post photograph by Tom Watson

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