We built Glass for you

For years, it felt like we didn’t have a home for our photography on the internet. We built Glass for you, but we also built Glass for us. Glass is founded by Tom Watson and Stefan Borsje. Daniel Agee is our Head of Community and Marketing.

Independent and proud

With your help, we’re building a sustainable home for photographers. Glass is an independent company — no venture capital or outside funding. Because we charge for our platform, we can offer it free of ads, invasive data tracking, and engagement algorithms.

Always improving

We launched Glass in August 2021. We’ve been actively listening to our community and expanding Glass beyond an iPhone app to be a true community platform for photographers. More improvements come all the time.

After nearly two years of building nights and weekends, we opened up Glass to the world and were immediately blown away by the response.

Invite systems almost exclusively build exclusive communities. Which is why once we worked through our waiting list, we removed it as quickly as possible.

Improving discovery and a new way to explore the community? Don’t mind if we do.

Glass is a community, not a marketing channel. But that doesn’t mean our optional Public Profiles aren’t an incredible way to showcase your work.

Surfacing the best of our community members, sharing their knowledge and inspiration. Interviews, guides, and get to know some of our members.

What would a like button look like if it didn’t power an advertising network for a shopping app? Glad you asked. It’d look like Appreciations.

We don't like direct comparisons to other platforms because we're building something different with Glass. That said, high time for a photography community to have an exceptional iPad app.

Phones are incredible for taking photos, but looking at photos? That’ll always be better on the biggest screen. Exploring Glass on Web is a beauty.

Pixel peeking at it’s finest. No matter the screen, you can dive into the details.

Endless inspiration at your fingertips on Glass. Bookmarks just makes it easier to return to the best of the best.

On our one-year anniversary, we’re thrilled to open Glass up to anyone. This is just the beginning of Glass, and we’re thrilled to keep building a supportive and sustainable community with you.

And more...

Have a feature idea for Glass you’ve always wanted? Let us know. We’re always listening to member feedback to prioritize what’s next.

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