November 29, 2021

Sustainably Priced

A quick look into our decision to make our intro price permanent.Glimpse into Glass

Introducing our non-Introductory Pricing

Two weeks ago, as we were prepping the launch of Highlights, we rolled out a quick update to our homepage. We slipped in a change that we want to talk a little more about. In short — our introductory pricing on our yearly membership is staying put.

Glass Memberships are now $5 USD a month or $30 USD a year.

A Balancing Act

Our goal with keeping Glass independent has always been to build a sustainable business that serves and builds for our community. Four months after our public launch, we were able to get enough information around the costs of running Glass to make our intro pricing permanent.

Balancing keeping Glass affordable and the lights on without ads and selling your data was always going to be the struggle. We’re feeling fortunate that we’re able to keep this balance at a lower price point than we originally expected.

Half Way There

We’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made towards sustainability as a business. We’re a little over halfway to our internal milestone that let’s the small team behind Glass work on it full time.

We’re months ahead of where we thought we’d be by now. We’re confident that the next year will take us to sustainability and that confidence only exists because of you. We’ll have more to show you about what’s coming next before the year is over.

We’ve turned down more investor meetings than we can count. The only reason this post isn’t titled “Announcing Our Seed Round” or “The First Look at Partnerships on Glass” is because of your membership and support. Thank you.

Post photograph by ALJVD

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