A community of photographers, amateur and professional alike.

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We’re in private beta, focused on building a great community and a stable service. Subscribe to get on the list — we’ll email you as soon as we’re ready to add more members.

A home you can trust

We’re building a community with a clear focus on photography. Your feed is chronological. No compression crushing your colors. Your profile celebrates you as a photographer. We hope it's where you'll want to share your work.

Community over engagement

We’re not in the business of manipulating your attention. We want you to love our product — not be addicted to it. Glass connects you with the photographers who inspire you. Follow, share, and comment. We’re a private, subscription-supported community that only Glass members can participate in.

Safe from the start

We’ve built in reporting and blocking from the beginning to make sure we’re alerted about anyone not following our terms of service. Our Code of Conduct outlines our commitment to building a safe place for everyone.

Discussion, not comparison

No public counts, no needless notifications. We only notify you about the important things. Our goal is to foster positive learning and growth for your photography through discussion. We leave the constant comparison and concerns around like counts to other apps.

Focused features

EXIF data, minimal compression, and a vibrant community talking about why and how a photograph was shot. We highlight this data to spur discussions about what was used to achieve a mood or what techniques were used to process an image.

Zero venture funds

We’ve raised zero venture capital. Your money goes directly toward making Glass sustainable. We don’t need or want exponential growth — we won't need to pivot to find it. We're focused on building this for you, not investors.

Your data privacy

Your privacy is our focus. We make our money through subscriptions, so there isn’t a need to track you and sell that data to advertisers.

They’re your photographs. We make it simple to save them and delete your account if we aren’t meeting your expectations.