What people have been saying about Glass.

We only answer to our community, which means all the decisions we make are in the best interest of our community and our business. We think it'll be such a powerful shift in how these apps are made that we're betting our company on it.

Glass is a return to the simplicity of Instagram circa 2012. It's a social network specially tailored for looking at and posting beautiful photography.

… it's evident that a lot of work and care has gone into its creation. The app's design is at a high level, and features are well thought out, especially regarding security and privacy.

Glass welcomes both amateur and professional photographers, whether the user takes their photos with an iPhone or with expensive top-of-the-range equipment.

… it's an absolutely lovely, exquisitely-designed app. It's downright serene scrolling through my Glass timeline…

Photographers will be excited by things like P3 color profile support, minimal compression, and EXIF data behind your photos.

[The company] is very clear that they are not trying to replace Instagram, but rather just create a safe place for those who wish to just share their photography.

Glass immediately strikes me as the best possible crossover between Flickr and Instagram.

From the moment you open the Glass app, it's clear that the emphasis is on the photography itself. When you follow photographers, their posts will appear in a feed of images designed to minimize distractions.

By self-funding Glass to this point, and to now be funded by members, we're able to align our decisions with our community. High growth startups use tracking, ads, and algorithms to hook their users. They're endless engagement machines, fighting for your attention. We're able to forego all of that and we think that's what makes Glass special.

For years, social media platforms have become increasingly centered around algorithms, advertisements and distracting features rather than the celebration and enjoyment of content in its purest form. This is not the case on Glass.

Ein erfrischender Ansatz, der dank nachhaltiger Preisgestaltung vollständig auf Wagniskapital und Gelder von Werbetreibenden verzichten kann.


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