November 24, 2021

Say Hello to Highlights

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Say Hello to Highlights

The community growing with Glass is what makes it special. Today, we’re launching a new way for us to share some of our favorite photographers — their work and knowledge — with you. It’s called Highlights.

Curiosity & Curation

When we launched Glass a little over three months ago, we felt such excitement (and a little imposter syndrome) because of the quality photography and the breadth of knowledge being shared on the platform. Members uploading their favorite shots would provide context, inspiration, and a look into their processes.

Outside of inspiration, the number one feeling we’ve had is curiosity. We find ourselves asking over and over — how? How did you get that shot? How did you edit this? How did you adjust your settings? How? We’re letting that curiosity guide our Highlights curation.

Snapshots to Start

We’re launching today with our first quick interview — a Snapshot with Samantha Baker. Discovering her portraits has been such a treat, and we’re thrilled to be able to Highlight her work today.

More to Come

We have endless ideas around surfacing members of our community, and we’ll be releasing a variety of different Highlights over the coming months. But we’d love to hear from you. Have someone you’d love for us to talk to? Looking for a place to publish a piece you’ve been working on? Need a partner to push you on a workshop? A podcast guest? Get in touch.

Post photograph by Samantha Baker

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