May 12, 2022

Full Screen Mode

Full Screen Mode comes to Glass on iPhone and iPad.Announcements

Full Screen Mode

Our most popular feature from Glass for the Web comes to iPhone and iPad — Full Screen Mode! With the latest app update, you can enter Full Screen Mode, zoom in on details, and be completely immersed in a single photo. Want to take advantage of the entire screen? Turn your phone sideways to enjoy a larger view. Seeing is believing.

It's especially immersive on iPad. It's never been easier to get lost in the details of a photo.

Feedback to Feature

Thrilled to get this feature shipped — "Turn Phone for Landscape Photos" has been near the top of our Feedback board for awhile now. Just like Glass for iPad and Glass for Web. We spend a lot of time prioritizing and refining features based on our Feedback board. We're building this platform together.

Have an idea for something you'd like to see in Glass? Let us know!

Post photograph by Daniel Agee

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