February 14, 2024

Speed Improvements & More

Speed! Share Sheet! Brand!Announcements

Building Series has often felt like Hal trying to change a lightbulb. With Glass 3.6.1, we’ve finished one of the largest remaining batches of work rebuilding the foundation of Glass for the future. But these recent updates are large enough improvements that they are deserving of their own announcement. (Hey, that's this!) Head to the App Store to make sure your updated to the latest version, because Glass just got so much better.

Speed Improvements

Like woah. We shifted how we call photos from our backend and Glass feels faster than ever. Don’t take our word for it — you’ll feel it immediately after update. These speed improvements will be felt on Web and Android too. Good luck catching the loader when you're scrolling the main feed.

Fixed Share Sheet

Now with 100% “Oh, that actually works.” Gone are the stall-outs, crashes, and phantom uploads where you think it worked but it didn’t. We reworked this from the ground up and now it’s reliable, usable, and fast. Sharing directly from Lightroom, Darkroom, or Photos has never been easier.

An Important, but Minor, Brand Refresh

We updated our G to be slightly thicker. It looks amazing. The only reason half of you will notice is we changed our default icon to Yellow instead of Black. Don’t worry, if you’re missing the Black icon, it’s still there. Just head to Settings > Appearance > to select the Classic icon.

Post photograph by Daniel Agee

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