December 9, 2021

✨ Appreciations are here

What if a like button doesn’t power an ad network?


Meet Appreciations!

With today’s update, you can now Appreciate photos and comments on Glass! Always private and no counts, we wanted to make sure it would never drive competition. You can turn off notifications in your Settings > Notifications.

Our approach to Appreciations

When we approached quick, positive feedback for Glass, we wanted to make sure it felt like a Glass feature. We wanted to give you a look into our process and the questions we asked ourselves while we worked on the feature.

What would a like button look like if it wasn’t fueling addictive algorithms and collecting personal data? How would it act if it wasn’t the most prioritized action in the app? What if it was more intentional — a little slower? What would it feel like if it’s only purpose was to show appreciation instead of drive ad sales and retargeting? What if it was on a photo app, not one disguised as a shopping app?

It turns out the problem isn’t the like button, just what it powers. We’re continually blown away by the quality of your photographs on Glass — having one more way to show Appreciation for them is going to be great.

2022 is coming quick

We’ll have more to share with you about our plans for the coming year soon.

That’s it. That’s the teaser. More coming soon. New, exciting futures. We’ve said too much already.

Post photograph by
Keitravis Squire

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