July 25, 2023

Introducing Patron

Patron with Early Access is here!Announcements

Say Hello to Patron

Building a photography community without ads or algorithms is no small task. We've been blown away by the support and care we've seen our members extend to each other and the platform. As we come up on two years of Glass, we're excited to get Patron out to the community!

Patron is our new membership tier that costs $99/year that provides additional support to the team, provides Early Access to new features as they're still being refined, three yearly memberships to share Glass with friends, extra app icons, and more! Oh, and a cute little yellow badge. To upgrade, just head to Settings > Membership or tap on a Patron badge.

Early Access

As we work through more complex features, we found ourselves wishing we could test and improve features with a larger part of the community — that's Early Access! Our first Early Access feature is the beta for our AI-powered Search! We can't wait to hear what you think as we keep putting the finishing touches on it. Once you upgrade, you'll see the updated Explore section across the platform.

More Soon

We'll be adding more perks to Patron as we continue to grow Glass together. As we wrap up our second year, we're feeling grateful and inspired. We can't wait to keep building with you. We'll celebrate the anniversary in a couple of weeks, but until then, just know that we appreciate you.

Post photograph by Houman Katoozi

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