July 3, 2023

Updated Explore — Coming Soon

An overview of our improved Explore page coming later this summer!Glimpse into Glass

Browse and Discover with Ease

We’ve been heads down building our updated Explore page and we’re finally ready to give you a little peek at what’s coming later this summer. TL; DR — Human Curation and AI-powered Search.

AI-Powered Search Alpha

Our new AI-powered search is a game changer for exploring Glass and the community’s catalog of photos. Search by a phrase or keywords, color, or objects. Wanna see every neon sign on Glass? Of course you do.

Just to answer any potential questions ahead of time — of course this is privacy-focused and everything happens on our servers. No photos uploaded to Glass were used for training any models nor will they ever be. We created a FAQ page with more details on how it works if you’re interested.

A Team-Curated Explore Feed

Every day, we’ll manually select some of our favorite photos uploaded to Glass to populate the main feed on Explore. No algorithms or “What’s Hot Now” nonsense going beyond behind the scenes. Just the favorites from the Glass Team that we hand-select. It’s a wonderful way to surface the best of our community and discover new inspirations.

Coming This Summer

Both of these will be Early Access features launching this summer — we’ll be testing and refining them over the coming months. Our hope is to release it to everyone after a handful of improvements. What’s Early Access? Great question, thanks for asking. More soon.

Post photograph by Bart Mason

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