May 30, 2022


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Introducing Bookmarks

One of our most requested features is here — say hello to Bookmarks! There are so many inspiring photographs on Glass. Now you can keep better track of them.

See a portrait with perfect lighting you want to try to imitate next time you’re in the studio? Bookmark it. A kind conversation between a few folks sharing tips you want to make sure you don’t forget? Bookmarks. Just really love how you feel when you see the photo? You get where we're going with this.

Completely Private

To Bookmark a photo, just tap the Bookmark button in the photo detail view. To view your Bookmarks, just head to your profile and tap the Bookmark icon. A focused feature, Bookmarks are completely private. No chasing numbers or needless notifications.

Just a private, self-curated feed of inspiration at your fingertips.

Glass Anywhere

Can't wait to open Glass up to everyone. This is our last feature before we launch Glass Anywhere. We'll have more details soon, but we're on track to launch on the early side of Summer.

Post photograph by Steph Saurez

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Community, not comparison

Build relationships with and learn from other photographers while enjoying a chronological feed and no public counts.

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