September 19, 2022

Glass for Windows is here!

Another month, another platform. Say hello to Glass for Windows!


Glass for Windows

Another platform is here — Glass for Windows launches today! This welcome addition will be a huge help for members who create with Windows. The polish you've come to expect from us looks great on desktop or a Surface.

If you're a Windows user, head this way to download the app.

You're the Point

As we welcome more community members from every platform, we're so excited to see what they bring and add to the community we're all growing together. We want Glass to be where you are, regardless of what platform you create with. Glass feels right at home on Windows.

More Soon

Our next platform will be Android and is coming before the end of the year. We'll have more details soon. We have a few more planned features announced on our roadmap too. Don't see the feature you're looking for? Submit a feature request.

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Post photograph by
Matt Katzenberger

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