February 15, 2022

iPad? iPad.

Immerse yourself in beautiful photography with Glass for iPad.Announcements

Glass for iPad

Glass is coming to iPad! Nothing feels quite like it — it’s so easy to get lost in your feed or a Category. Total immersion in the photography. iPad has immediately become our favorite way to experience Glass. We have more we want to talk about, but go download it right now and then come back.

Home for Photography

Six months ago, almost to the day, we launched Glass. From the beginning, we've wanted to build a trustworthy & independent home for your photography on the Web. Couldn’t be more thrilled with the growth in the community and platform. Because we don’t have investors and only answer to our community, your feedback has been invaluable.

In six months, we’ve launched:

Oh, and we have our private alpha for Glass on the Web coming in the next few weeks. Have a feature you’d like to see on Glass that’d make you feel more at home? Right this way.

Two Weeks On Us

Tried Glass before but it didn't stick? Haven’t joined Glass yet? No time like the present — iPad is a wonderful way to experience Glass for the first time. Let us give you an extra two weeks. Haven't signed up yet? First month is free. Coming back to try? Another two weeks on us.

Just click here for two extra weeks on a year membership.

Post photograph by Daniel Agee

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