January 20, 2022

Our Next Platform

Our first Glimpse into Glass in 2022 is all about the web.Announcements

Our Next Platform

Glass is coming to the web! One of our most requested features, we’ve been building for months. It’s getting closer every day. With our engineering team focused 100% on the web (all one of them), we hope to have a private alpha rolling sometime in February and an open beta a month or two after that. Commenting, Appreciations, and browsing Categories. It’s all coming to a browser near you.

Oh, and uploading? Definitely.

Sneak Peek? Just for you

Your photos deserve as big a screen as possible, and using Glass in the browser is such a treat.

Launch, Iterate, Expand, Refine

For now, Glass on the web will be a companion platform to the iOS app. You’ll use your Apple ID to sign in to Glass, and you won’t be able to sign up for a subscription online. Yet. We’re working on additional sign in methods (hooray email!) and being able to start a subscription online. Both features should be available before the end of the year.

We think you’ll love it. And yes — being able to upload to Glass directly in the browser is a game changer.

Post photograph by Josh Ginter

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