October 27, 2021

Introducing Public Profiles

Share your Glass profile anywhere on the web.Announcements

Share Your Glass Profile Anywhere

With Glass 1.2 coming out today, you can now share your Glass Profile anywhere! We’re excited to open up profiles, letting you truly make Glass your home for highlighting your photography. Whether you’re using it as a portfolio, a quick showcase of your best shots, or a space to experiment with a new style, we’ve been blown away with the quality of your profiles. Now you can share them anywhere.

This feature is off by default — you need to enable it to use it. After updating to 1.2, you’ll be prompted to enable your public profile. Once enabled, your public profile will be available at glass.photo/[username].

How to enable your public profile.

While Glass will always be a member-supported community, that doesn’t mean we want to keep your photos behind a paywall. We’re thrilled to see more and more Glass Profiles in the wild.

Highlighted Profiles

We love seeing member profiles as a whole. Getting an overarching feeling and theme from a photographer is wonderful. Highlighting a few member profiles that do just that to show off the web profiles:

Emilia’s profile shows off a gallery of lovely, high contrast black and white images. — glass.photo/emiliaphotographe

Emilia Photographe's public profile

Roman’s profile highlights his minimal, abstract photos perfectly. — glass.photo/romanmf

Roman France's public profile

Shunsuke’s profile is a masterclass in street photography, taking us directly to Cambodia. — glass.photo/casadetake

Shunsuke Miyatake's public profile

RSS Feeds

Public Profiles support RSS! Just add /rss after your URL and you're set.

Link in Bio

We think your Glass profile is a perfect Link in Bio site. So it’s only fair we allow you to add a link to your bio, too. With this release, you can add a link in your Glass profile. Link to your personal site, your shop, or the social network of your choice.

Update Glass today to enable your Public Profile!

Post photograph by Shunsuke Miyatake

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