December 1, 2021

New Month, New Category

Announcing Glass’s new Monthly Categories!


Introducing Monthly Categories

Meet Monthly Categories! On the first of the month, we’ll release a new Monthly Category. You’ll see it showcased at the top of the Category feeds and the front of the carousel during upload. Here for a month and then it disappears forever. (Well, unless you love one so much we have to keep it around.)

Between our new widget putting your favorite Category right on your Home Screen or viewing the feeds in the app, Categories are a great way to explore Glass. We’re excited to add more, starting with…

This Month’s Category — Minimal

Say a lot with only a little.

Taking Suggestions

When we first announced Categories, we had a rough time getting down to the first 24. Because of your original suggestions on our feedback board and Twitter, we have the first few Monthly Categories planned out. We’d love to hear your suggestions for more Categories you’d like to see! We created a spot on our feedback board to suggest your favorites.

Whether Minimal is your style or you need to stretch yourself to try something new, we can’t wait to see your photos.

Post photograph by
Matt Maber

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