October 25, 2023

Capture One x Glass

Publish directly to Glass from Capture One!


Our Capture One Integration

With their October '23 release, you can publish to Glass directly from your Capture One Pro Library!

Glass feels right at home in Capture One. Long adored as one of the best platforms for editing and managing a photography workflow, we're thrilled to include publishing to Glass in Capture One. The final step in the creative process is sharing the work you've made — making that as easy and frictionless as possible is what we're both all about.

How It Works

You can connect to Glass from Capture One with a few quick steps. First, make sure the official plugin is enabled under Settings > Plugins. After that, you can publish directly to Glass at any time with Image > Publish > Glass. The first time you do this, you'll be prompted to sign into your Glass account.

After that, you can write your caption, edit your export settings, decide which metadata to include, and publish directly to Glass!

The Glass API

This is the first official plugin we hinted at a few weeks ago. Want to make something with us?

Thank you!
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Post photograph by
Daniel Agee

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