October 9, 2023

Updated Explore is here!

Two new ways to explore Glass are live!Announcements

After being in Early Access with Patrons for the last few months, we're releasing our updated Explore page to everyone! Patrons were incredibly helpful with feedback and, with the last batch of updates, we think it's ready for prime time. Available across all of our platforms today, you'll notice the Explore page has a new look. Let's get into it.

AI-Powered Search

Enjoy exploring the deep catalog of photography on Glass in a whole new way! Our AI-Powered Search is simple but powerful. Want to see every photo with a certain color like Yellow? Photos of Paris at night? Or, like us selecting an photograph for this post, all the beach umbrellas? One quick search away.

And just in case we need to spell it out — this is privacy-first feature, and everything happens on our servers. No photos posted to Glass were used for training any models nor will they ever be. We created an FAQ page with more details on how it works, if you’re interested.

A Team-Curated Explore Feed

Every day, we manually select some of our favorite photos shared to Glass to populate the main feed on Explore. No addictive engagement algorithms or “What’s Hot Now” nonsense going on in the background, nothing to game. Just the favorites from the Glass Team that we hand-select. It’s a wonderful way to surface the best of our community, discover new photographers to follow, and get inspiration right away.

Next Up

We've got multiple things in the works right now — some big, some small. You know how we release features — a series of small improvements over time with lots of discussion. Every once in awhile, we capture a big one. More on the horizon.

Post photograph by Ralph Brandi

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