April 24, 2023

Pin & Hide Photos

Stay organized, experiment, and highlight your best work.Announcements

Another month, another batch of improvements to Glass. These improvements make managing your public profile on Glass even easier! These have been two longstanding requests on the Glass Feedback board and it’s great to get them into the platform.

Pin Photos

Pin photos to the top of your profile! Stay organized and highlight your best work. Whenever someone joins Glass, they almost always upload some of their favorites. But unfortunately that means someone’s favorite shots end up at the bottom of their profile. With pinning photos, consider the problem solved.

Hide Photos

You can now hide photos from your Public Profile! Easily choose which photos you want to keep in the community and which you want to show on your profile.

Working on a new style that you’re not quite ready to put out into the world? Share your experimental photos with the Glass community without worrying about cluttering up your profile. Any photo hidden will remove the photo from your Public Profile, but will still be visible within Glass.

To Pin or Hide any photo that's already uploaded, just tap the Edit button on the Photo Detail View.

Post photograph by Mohammed Taher

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