April 10, 2023

Threaded Comments are here!

A small change bringing a huge improvement.Announcements

Say Hello to Threaded Comments

Having a conversation on Glass just got a lot more organized! With threaded comments, you can quickly reply and keep your place in your back and forth without sorting through other comments. A small shift equaling a huge improvement.

As Glass continues to grow and members build deeper relationships with each other, we had to level up comments. And as a fun bonus, this is just the first step towards a much larger update that we're really excited about. The update is currently live on Glass for Web! To get threaded comments on Glass for iOS and iPad, just update to the latest version of the app. Happy commenting!

Oh, and Back by Popular Demand

Appurrciations and the other feline surprises are back in the Cat Category. Need to self-soothe with making your phone purr? We understand — we missed it too. (For you dog lovers, don't worry. It's only in the Cat Category.)

Post photograph by Om Malik

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