September 1, 2021

No invite necessary

Glass is now open to anyone who wants to join our community!Announcements

No invite? No problem.

Today, we removed the invite system from Glass. You can download the app, and immediately sign up for a Glass membership to join the community. Our launch pricing is still in effect, so you can get a yearly Glass Membership for $29.99 USD when you join.

As we continue working towards our updates to Discovery, we felt it was important to get this done first. Glass’s invite system was always insurance for us scaling our platform sustainably and responsibly. With the success of the last few weeks following our launch, it’s clear we’re able to open it up. The reason for the invite system was technical, and so is the decision to remove it.

Yes, we won’t get any more hype from being invite-only.

But that’s fine. We prefer you being able to sign up to join the growing Glass community right away over any hype we could get from tech press.

A few more changes

With this update, we were able to sneak in a few other features and fixes. The one we’re most excited about is an optional pronoun field in your bio. Just go to edit your bio in the app to add your pronouns. Any new member will see it in the onboarding.

Other changes include making accommodations for the Notch and no longer zooming in on horizontal photos by default. For what it’s worth, we really liked that zooming one.

Next up? Discovery

Our coming 1.1 release for Discovery is on track and we hope to have it out to the community soon! Thank you for believing in Glass. We can’t wait to keep building this community with you.

Post photograph by Brenda Johima

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