August 18, 2021

Glimpse into Glass

At least once a quarter, we’ll be sharing a look into what we’re working on and where Glass is heading.

Glimpse into Glass

First week of Glass

First of all, thank you! The response to Glass has blown us away. We launched Glass last week, and (privately) we were hopeful and anxious to have at least 300 trials by the end of the first day. We flew by that in the first few hours. We have thousands of people on the platform right now, and we’re sending out hundreds, if not thousands, of invites a day.

When we started building Glass, we decided we’d communicate clearly and openly with our community. We created a public roadmap and Feedback board. We’re active on Twitter. And we want to give an update about where the community is heading at least once a quarter. With our launch one week in the rear-view, here’s where we’re heading next.

Improved Discovery

We know Discovery on Glass isn’t great. We thought we had more time to improve it, but with the unexpected success of our launch, we’ve reprioritized our roadmap and are actively working to improve Discovery. This won’t happen all at once. But we’ll be releasing the first change in the coming weeks.

Categories during upload and on photograph detail view

We’re adding Categories to photographs. When posting a photo, you’ll be able to select multiple categories for the photo. Once it’s released, you can add Categories to photos already posted to Glass.

Under the Community section in the app, we’ll be adding a Categories tab for browsing feeds of specific types of photos. See a photo you like? Use the detail view to find and follow the photographer.

This is just the first of many improvements we’ll be adding to Discovery in the coming months.


Discovery isn’t the only other thing we’re working on. We’ve been loving all your feedback and ideas on where to take Glass next! Part of having a thriving community is open communication between us and you. If you haven’t yet, we’ve love to have you check out our Feedback board. You can upvote feature requests, see which ones are already planned, and submit your own. You don’t need to set up an account to leave feedback.

Thank you

Thank you again for giving Glass a shot and believing in this community. If you have any questions, DM us on Twitter or send us a note at

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