April 30, 2022

Monthly Category Favorites — Astrophotography

Space is good. Looking at space is good. These photos? Good.

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And just like that, Astro-April is at an end. What a good month! We were blown away by the different ways you all highlighted the night sky. Wanted to get in on the fun but don't know how to shoot Astrophotography? In case you missed it, check out the getting started guide that Florian wrote for us! He covered all the astrophotography basics and even threw in a couple of advanced tips.

Now that we've spent all month looking up (and rewatching the Sagan Series), let's highlight a few favorites.

Nick Wood

Reino Cruz

Bryan Minear

Garrett Coakley


Marcy Macfie

Václav Vančura

Kirsten Alana

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Post photograph by
Kirsten Alana

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