April 11, 2023

Monthly Category Favorites — Typography

Typography time today! Monthly Categories

We'll be honest — the Monthly Category of Typography was an excuse to look at neon signage at night. Which is what makes this collection of favorites so wild. Everyone really showed out this month with perfect little human moments, hidden bits of type, shadows, colors. Kept the neon to less than 50%! What an unexpected joy.

Nicklas Persson


Angelica Bato

Robert Shoykhet



Lez Hall

Tom Picasso

Ale Di Gangi

Dylan Mason

Bart Mason

Ralph Brandi

Colin Potts

Eugene Byrd

Benno Kress

Trond Froestad

Rebecca Dale Adler

Matt Crace

Chris Freitag

Joe Schmitt

Phil Ritti

Nick Shaw

Post photograph by James Pennucci

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