September 30, 2022

Monthly Category Favorites — Photojournalism

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Everything keeps happening all the time — thank goodness we have photojournalists to keep a visual record. This month had endless news, shifting governments, and multiple sports records. And, for some reason, a man being just completely covered in mustard. Sorry for the spoilers, just keep scrolling. You'll get there.

If you missed it, make sure to catch up on our Snapshot with Ash Ponders too! Their take on Photojournalism is wonderful.

Michael Trimboli

Colter Peterson

Joshua Bessex

Florian Kriechbaumer


Nikos Frazier

Brian Klonoski

Elaine Cromie

Mason Trinca

Andy Kelly

Yoshito Hasaka

Johannes Freund

Mitchel Lensink

Oli Sansom

Michael Starghill

Jordan Vonderhaar

Ben Ludeman

Post photograph by Ben Ludeman

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