July 12, 2023

Announcing Glass Meetups!

Photography is better shared, so let's share some face-to-face time.Announcements

Glass Meetups

We're thrilled to start Glass Meetups this summer! In-person community is impossible to beat and we can't wait to help foster that. We've got our first two meetups coming up early next month in the Pacific Northwest. We'll meet up somewhere, chat for a bit, take a photo walk, and end somewhere with beverages. You know, meetups.

Over the next six months, we'll be holding more meetups across the US and Europe. After that, we'll start supporting community members holding their own Glass Meetups where ever they are. Have a photographer friend you know will love it, but they aren't a member of Glass? Bring 'em along and we'll give them their first year free.

Seattle — August 5th

The details are still in progress for Seattle, but the date is set! Daniel will be there to take your portrait and enjoy a nice patio in the sun. Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament for an unreleased Glass Hat? Done deal.

RSVP for the Seattle Glass Meetup.

Portland — August 6th

The Glass Team will be meeting up for our annual team retreat in Portland and we're kicking it off with a Glass Meetup! The route we'll be taking during our photo walk? The old stomping grounds where Tom and Daniel talked about Glass a decade ago. Stickers and good vibes will be in high supply.

RSVP for the Portland Glass Meetup.

More Soon

East Coast dates with Baltimore, New York, and Philadelphia coming soon. California with one or three stops this fall? You bet. Amsterdam, maybe London before Europe freezes for the winter? Yes. Where else do you want to see us? Let us know!

Post photograph by Gabriel Cubbage

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