August 30, 2022

Glass Q&A

You've got questions, we've got answers.Glimpse into Glass

Earlier this week, we did a Q&A on Glass's Instagram account. But because we wanted more than 2-5% of our audience to see it, we're posting a condensed version of the Q&A here too. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and say a prayer in hopes that the algorithm shows you our stories so you don't miss the next one.

The team's favorite Categories?

TomBlack & White (surprising no one)

What other apps or products helped inspire Glass?

Great question! A lot of the things that make Glass different aren’t product decisions, they’re business decisions. Our decision to avoid data tracking or having a real Code of Conduct that members have to agree to impacts how Glass feels more than us selecting the ✨ instead of a heart.

A lot of inspiration came from feelings we have outside of apps and products. How we feel when looking at a really good photo book. How a good conversation about something you care about lights up a room.

What feature can we expect next? Big Plans for year two?

Many! Don’t want to give away all our plans and secrets. But before the end of 2022, we'll release a few really solid product improvements, hold a community eventor two, and we have a handful of partnerships coming up that we’re really excited about.

Our next handful of features that’ll roll out over the coming months will be focused on improving Discovery and Search. Camera feeds? Improved Search? Location? Better photographer filters? Yes. More on those soon.

Multiple photos per post and/or series soon?

Multiple photos/Series are coming after improved Discovery & Search. Still in the exploration phase and not exactly sure where it’ll land on our development roadmap or how long it’ll take, so can’t give a timeline yet. But it’s coming! We're currently exploring a couple of options and they're really fun ideas. Excited to see how they shake out.

Glass Meetups when?

Yes! We’re hoping to hold a handful of meetups before the year is over. One or two online and a few in person. And hopefully next year, we’ll be in a better spot to be able to help facilitate them for the community without us holding the actual events.

Have you considered a free tier for Glass?

We come back to this one all the time in our product discussions. We don’t have plans to make a free tier for Glass. Never say never, etc. but it’s not in the cards for the time being. In part because we don’t think it solves the problem that photographers are actually facing. We talk a lot about potential tools and ways to help our members grow a sustainable marketing channel and audience they have control over.

Just because our community platform isn’t going to be that channel doesn’t mean that we’re not going to work on trying to build the tool that will. We’re continuing to pull on that thread to see where it leads.

When is Glass for Android coming?

If you have an Android phone, you can already sign up for Glass! Right now! Today! Right here! We put a ton of work into our mobile web experience and it's really great.

But we'll have something in the Play Store sooner rather than later. Here's a nice little teaser.

Post photograph by Daniel Agee

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