July 23, 2021

Glass — Coming August 2021

We’re launching Glass, a new photo-sharing app, on iOS this August! Invite-only to start, we’ll be adding people every day.


So Far

We’ve been building Glass for the last 18 months. The idea has been bouncing around in our heads for nearly a decade. We’ve been in private beta for the last while, refining the app and adding the last bits of polish for v1. We want to share a little more about what Glass is (and isn’t), and what you can expect next month when we launch.

Glass won’t replace Instagram

…and that’s okay! We’re not trying to. Instagram is for anyone. Glass is built by and for photographers.

Together, we’re creating a space to share photography, get feedback, learn, grow, and experiment. Whether you’re a decades-long professional or just starting out with your iPhone, we built Glass for you.

No VC funding? No problem

While we didn’t take venture capital to build Glass, that doesn’t mean we don’t have massive aspirations for what it can become. By staying independent, we’re able to retain control over what roads we take to reach those goals.

Glass is the product, not you. Which means no addictive dark patterns, no engagement algorithms, no ads, no data tracking. No distractions.

We believe there’s a sustainable indie business to be built by providing a stable, enjoyable community to photographers. A Glass membership costs $5/month or $50/year.

For launch, we’re discounting the annual subscription to $30/year.

Invite-Only to start

We’re launching Glass as an invite-only platform – you’ll need an invite code to sign up. Members will have invite codes to share, and we’ll be regularly opening up more spots via our waiting list.

Starting invite-only will allow us to ensure a quality experience for our community. We hope to open it up to everyone in the coming months.

More to come

We’re thrilled, and more than a little nervous, to be launching Glass next month. This is just the beginning of what we’re hoping to build with and for you. More on that front soon. Stay in the loop by following us on Twitter.

See you in August!

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Daniel Agee

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