February 21, 2023

Say Hi to Endless Appreciation

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Introducing Endless Appreciation

We're excited to bring you Endless Appreciation — a podcast focusing on photography, growing a creative business, and building a platform online! Oh, and the occasional interview. We're thrilled to have Sam Hurd joining us as a host and helping produce the show.

We released the first episode today and you can expect a new episode (almost) every Tuesday. (Wedding season is coming and we're bound to miss a week or two.)

Find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you listen to podcasts!

A Little Backstory

We first talked about the possibility of a podcast over a year ago. We had an idea, built around conversations about the internet, building a platform, how platforms have impacted photography, and sustaining creativity. As it started to take shape, we realized that we couldn't produce it alone. We'd need the right partner to do it justice — which meant it got moved into the "Good Idea for Later" column, and we left it alone.

Right as Glass was preparing to leave Twitter, we had a live Q&A with Sam late last year. During the Q&A, we had a joke about starting a podcast. The joke got us talking afterwards and we quickly realized that Sam was the partner we had been waiting for — a wedding photographer by trade and an educator by nature.

We've been recording weekly since mid-December and will be releasing some of the test episodes in the future. Hope you'll follow along.

Post photograph by Daniel Agee

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