April 21, 2023

Earth Day Celebration

Celebrating Earth Day the only way we know how.Spotlights

Celebrate Earth Day with Photos

Truthfully, this post started as a SEO play. Earth Day plus incredible photos of things like volcanos erupting, Iceland, glaciers, and sunsets over the desert? That's perfect robot content. But then we spent four hours looking through some of our favorite landscape and nature photos on Glass and it just made us want to go out and shoot. Feeling really lucky that we get to be here now, at the same time as you, on this pale blue dot, making things together.

Elise Giordano

Tanzi Propst

Brenda Johima

Devin S.


Christopher Michel

Anna Shtraus

Sophie Carr

Florian Kriechbaumer

Gianfranco Massafra

Bryan Minear

Post photograph by Todd Dominey

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