July 20, 2022

Glass Anywhere — Coming this August

The wait is almost over.

Glimpse into Glass

Glass Anywhere is almost here

With the launch of Glass Anywhere, we’re opening up outside of Apple! Starting next month, anyone will be able to sign up and become a member of Glass. No Apple ID required. iPhone or Android? Doesn’t matter to us.

When we launched Glass for iPhone, we knew it was only the beginning. We love Apple and we love our iPhones. It's why we built on iOS in the first. But Glass was always bound for everyone. Within the first year of Glass, we’ve expanded our platforms to Glass for iPad and Glass for Web. And on our one-year anniversary, we’re opening up Glass to everyone.

Email & Sign Up

With Glass Anywhere, a member can sign up with their email, start up a subscription within Glass, and dive right in. A credit card number will be required to start your free trial of Glass.

Already a member but want to switch to email and password sign in? No problem, you’ll be able to change that in Settings.

More to come

Every time we’ve started work on a new platform, we’ve prioritized providing the best experience possible with the limited resources we have. We know that some folks are going to be disappointed that we don’t have a native Android app yet. While we built out Glass for Web, we spent months ensuring that the mobile experience felt just like our native platforms so it didn’t matter where someone was using Glass. We're effectively going in reverse order for adding new platforms. Apple native apps to Web to Web Subscriptions to native apps in the Google Play and Windows Stores.

This is the best experience that our team of only a couple can offer without sacrificing quality. We think you're gonna love it.

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Daniel Agee

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