February 5, 2024

A Look at Series

Our biggest release, coming soon.

Glimpse into Glass

Our Series feature is coming, and it’s the largest update to Glass since launch. Series is more than a photo carousel and different from an album. Think of them as living places for your on-going photography projects. Sharing multiple photos at once, organizing around a theme or color or event or experimentation, all beautifully laid out for sharing with and outside the Glass community.

As we started work on Series, we quickly concluded that we had two options. Option one — make the same compromises other platforms do and get something out the door quickly. Option two — take our time, rework multiple fundamental parts of Glass to support it, and get the feature right.

You’ll never guess which option we chose. We’ve got a lot to cover. Let’s get to it.

Creation & Editing

Creating a Series is a simple extension of our current process. While it’ll feel the same, our Upload flow is getting rebuilt from the ground up to support Series (and other upcoming features). Creating a Series is just a tap away. From there, you’ll add a Title, a Series description, and upload multiple photos.

During the Series creation process, you’ll be able to write descriptions and apply Categories to individual photos.

Series let you organize your photos while sharing new photos to the feed at the same time. Each time you add photos to a Series, the Series will re-appear in the feed. Individual photos in a Series will populate Category, Camera, and Lens pages like normal.

Already uploaded a handful (or dozens upon dozens) of photos that you’d like to include in a Series? No problem — tap Choose from Uploads and select photos from your Profile to add to the Series. A photo can only be a part of one Series, so choose with care. You can upload up to twelve photos at a time, and there’s no limit to the number of photos in a Series.

And because we care about photos, we’re not forcing you to match aspect ratios across a Series. Obviously. What kind of service would do that?

Viewing & Sharing

When you come upon a Series in your feed, you’ll see the icon denoting the extra photos. Upon peek and hover, you’ll see the title of Series. Tap the icon to head straight to the Series view or tap into the individual photo. From the photo detail view, you can still tap into the full Series.

When you view the full Series, you’ll see the full Series description and data. When shared outside of Glass, your friends, family, or followers will see your photos laid out in the gorgeous Glass Grid with all the details. The design showcases your work beautifully while being lightweight and hassle-free to keep updated.

Sharing a set of vacation photos with family? Send a Series link. Have a photography YouTube channel and tired of pretending video is a good way to view photos? Series link in the Description with every episode. Exploring a potential project or theme? See how they fit together in a Series.

Timeline & Release

We’ve been iterating on Series for a long time, and we’re thrilled with where the feature has ended up. Series will be released in two stages. Patrons will receive an early access beta so we can gather feedback, smooth out any wrinkles, and make any improvements needed to Series. Once polished, we’ll roll it out to everyone!

We’re targeting late spring or early summer for Early Access with the full roll out to follow a few months later. If you’d like to be among the first to test Series and support what we’re building, upgrade to a Patron membership today.

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Summer Murdock

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