March 14, 2022

Rebecca Dale Adler

Mixing travel and nostalgia with Rebecca.


Describe your journey with photography.

Ten years ago, I decided to pursue photography professionally. I had always dabbled in it for fun but never thought it could be a career. I always had a love for fashion and I started photographing fashion bloggers and street style at New York fashion week.

Along the way I developed a passion for travel photography. I never really traveled as a child and ended up traveling so much as an adult to counteract that. I am drawn specifically to colorful, glamorous, and beautiful vacation spots. They are usually around water. I love to capture scenes of people on vacation at leisure. I am also intrigued by the past and nostalgia, specifically the 1950's and 1960's.

My work is largely inspired by Slim Aaron's photographs. When I take a photo I want to transport the viewer somewhere that is real but is also in a way, a dream.

What have you learned along the way that you wish you knew earlier?

I learned to not compare your work to others. It is a really hard thing to do and to accept that your work is your own and that people like it. I think everyone does this especially in the social media age, but you have to just focus on your own work and appreciate other work without comparison. I keep having to tell myself this so it is an ongoing process. No matter what, as an artist you are going to compare your work.

Last year, during the pandemic, I stopped using certain social media sites that I felt were promoting negativity and were just concerned with quantity over quality. I try to combat the comparison aspect by telling myself that my work is completely separate from another person's. They are not me, I am not them.

Photography is amazing because every single person is different and has a unique style. I still like to look at other photographer's work. It is inspiring and motivates me to want to grow and do better.

Your work feels timeless and fresh. How do you balance shooting and editing when creating your work?

I am always shooting and editing. I never really stop. Editing photos is incredibly relaxing to me, I sit there for hours working. I often take photos I have in my archive from years ago and edit them in a different way depending on what style I am feeling. I personally do not think I have one particular style I stick to all the time. I get into different moods and run on that for a while. I am definitely a perfectionist.

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Rebecca Dale Adler

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