September 8, 2023

Next Glass Meetups

Amsterdam, Baltimore, and New York City? See you there.Announcements

We loved seeing you at our first meetups in the PNW and now it's time for our next batch! We'll announce locations a little closer to the dates as we get an idea of RSVPs. Because these three cities have quite a group of Glass members, we need to get an idea of the space needed first. If more than 100 of you RSVP for Amsterdam, we'll make Daniel blow all his airline miles and fly in for it.

FYI — If you can't make it during those dates, but would like to attend future meetups in the cities, make sure to RSVP can't make it. These are some of the easiest cities for us to hold additional meetups.

Baltimore — Sep. 23

Our first East Coast meetup will be Baltimore! Daniel will see you in two weeks for a photowalk through alleys and row homes.


NYC — Oct. 1

Enjoy a photo walk through the NYC Streets with 12 to 100 of your closest friends! Daniel will be there with some stickers just for you. Still sorting out location, but likely Williamsburg.


Amsterdam — Oct. 7

Tom and Stefan will take you on a stroll along a canal, maybe through a park, and to a cafe or bar. You know, a normal day in Amsterdam.


Post photograph by Tom Watson

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