December 31, 2021

Monthly Category Favorites — Minimal

A handful of favorites from the Minimal Category.

Monthly Categories

As December draws to a close, we're also at the end of our first Monthly Category — Minimal. We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. We loved seeing all of your minimal photographs and picking favorites felt impossible. Here are a select five of our favorites, but certainly not all of them. And of course, the Minimal Category will be sticking around.

A B&W photo of someone walking with a severe shadow.

Blake Lyle

A heavy fog photograph of a road with trees lining it. A streak of light from headlights.

George Boez

A photo during golden hour of a turned over shopping cart underneath a bridge.

Darrell Peacock

The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, California.

Kelly Castro

An abandoned gas station.

Nancy Lee

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Post photograph by
Nancy Lee

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