December 13, 2022

Holiday Giveaways!

Give the gift of Glass, maybe win something in return.Announcements

Give the Gift of Glass...

This holiday season, give the the gift of Glass to your friends and family who could use a home for photography. Our gift memberships are on sale for $19.99 through the end of the year. $10 off. That's it — that's the deal. But might as well throw in a little bonus. For the holidays, you know?

... And Win Some Prizes

Buy a gift membership and you're entered to win some prizes from some of our favorite photography brands/buds. Brand Buds™.

Any membership purchased in December through January 4th counts as an entry. Winners will be emailed the first week of January with details on how to redeem their prizes. What do we have? Great question, thanks for asking.

Obscura — One of our favorite iOS apps for taking exceptional photos, we'll be giving away a handful of free downloads.

Series — The fastest way to combine and style multiple photos on iOS, we've got a handful of Pro subscriptions to pass along to you.

Darkroom — The best mobile editor for photography, we'll be giving away a handful of free year-long subscriptions to Darkroom+.

Moment — The best shop to pick up any photo gear you need, we're giving away three $150 gift cards.

Capture One — The photo editor that needs no introduction, we're giving away three year-long subscriptions to Capture One.

Post photograph by Nick Shaw

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