December 31, 2022

Monthly Category Favorites — Experimental

Who doesn't love blur, abstraction, and wild edits?Monthly Categories

Popping in from our time off for the holiday season to say "woah." We never know what we're going to get with a Monthly Category and you all delivered this month. Such a wonderful set of explorations and explanations behind them. We had a hard time cutting it down to the set you see here — you really should just hop into the Category and scroll until you hit the end. You won't regret it.

Ute Reckhorn

Francois Flibotte

Luiz Alves

Jan Mayer

Joshua Evan

Ida Hollis

Steph Suarez

Samuel Lie


Sam Hurd

Lisa Weingardt


Amanda Powell

Tim van Damme

Nick Sylva

Linda Krause

Pascal Liénard

Frank Sandres


Ale Di Gangi

Tom Picasso

Everett Katigbak

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