March 31, 2023

Embracing Our Next Evolution

Don't worry, we're not pivoting to video or launching ads.Announcements

We’re Pivoting to Cats

We are excited to announce that we are pivoting our focus to cats, starting in April. We believe that cats are a purrfect addition to our platform, and we can't wait for you to start sharing your photos and connecting with other cat lovers.

Our new feature, Cats, will allow you to browse and upload photos of your feline friends, with no worries about ads or algorithms. Join us in embracing our next evolution as we become your home for cat photography. You’ll see little flourishes here and there throughout the app. Find them all like a mouser.

Right Meow

There are hundreds of places to post photos of Cats on the internet, so why bring that feature to Glass? Simple. The hundred of places to post photos of Cats aren’t Glass. Besides, you don’t have to worry about an algorithm trying to shove photos of Dogs in your face or Big Golden Retriever buying up ad space to push an agenda.

You asked, we answered

When we launched Glass in summer of 2021, we did so knowing that photographers were sorely missing something. A calm, supportive community free of ads and algorithms was our pitch. Our tagline? Your home for photography. We’ve iterated and grown since launch, rapidly expanding features and supporting the thriving community we’re growing together. But it’s time to make this house a home. And nothing makes a house a home quite like a cat.

Post photograph by Layla Perchal Neal

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