March 4, 2022

Ba’Quan Masiyah Patterson

Talking breaks and recharging during the creative process with Ba'Quan.


Describe your journey with photography.

I’m a Street and Portrait photographer based in Boston. I started my journey with photography in 2019. I always loved using my iPhone to take portraits of friends and family. I started taking it more seriously in 2020 and purchased my first camera. YouTube showed me the world of street photography and I was hooked on the art form. I love capturing everyday life in the hustle and bustle of the city and even in slower moving towns. My art varies to show different sides of the streets, but I love to show my art in a dream-like state. Remembering the golden sun and the vibrant city night lights.

What have you learned along the way that you wish you knew earlier?

Learn to take a break. Take care of your creative mindset and learn to take a step back to look and feel your art. Taking time from my art is very important to me, as it should be for every artist.

I never want to feel bogged down by it. Take a week or two, or even a year, from it. However much time you will need to make sure you come back feeling rejuvenated. Ready for that next project.

What's the best way to recharge creatively you've found?

The best way to recharge creatively for me is looking towards other mediums of art for inspiration. The best ones for me are Music (different genres for different types of styles.), Movies from great Directors and DOP’s, and painted art. They fill me with inspiration and makes me think of ways to better find that certain composition that I need to make a photo work. You might even adapt a new style for yourself.

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Post photograph by
Ba’Quan Patterson

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