October 14, 2022

Android Beta — Coming Soon

As we get closer to launching Glass for Android, we need your help!Announcements

Glass for Android

We're putting the finishing touches on Glass for Android! Since this is a completely new platform for us, we want to make sure to get it right. We've been taking our time instead of rushing to get something out the door and we think the experience is much better because of that. We can't wait to get this into more people's hands.

Beta Testers Needed

We need your help. If you're an Android user and would like to help us test our app, sign up with the form below. To set expectations, it's feeling pretty great but still isn't complete. We only have a handful of phones we've tested this on, so there may be minor bugs that pop up too.

We'll be sending out the first build of the beta in the next week or two. With your help, we can fix the last little bugs and get this out into the world.

Sign up for the Glass for Android Beta

Post photograph by Jaina Mistry

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