September 17, 2020

Alpha, beta, and beyond

We're starting to roll out the very first builds to our early alpha testers. We don't have dates, but here's a rough roadmap of what we have planned.



We're hard at work putting the finishing touches on our alpha. We're using this for bug testing but also to catch any glaring features we might have missed in order to make the beta launch successful. Our last big feature to wrap up is push notifications, and then we'll start testing. Soon!


Once alpha testing is complete, we have two major features to finish before the beta can happen — subscription payments and invitations. Invitations will allow us to ensure the community is focused on photographers and photography enthusiasts. Subscriptions are needed so we can make this ad-free and sustainable.


Our dream is to have this be a wonderful, self-sustaining community. A place where people feel good about spending time online, learning and growing as a photographer — instead of being manipulated to keep coming back. We have big plans for features that photographers have told us they've wanted, but we're starting small and hoping this concept resonates with you.

Be sure to subscribe to stay up on the latest from Glass. Know we're working hard to get it to you as soon as we can. We want it too! Understand though that this isn't your normal venture backed initiative. We think independent software is great, but starting anything is always a lot harder than you think.

We appreciate your support and patience!

Thank you!
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Post photograph by
Emily Nathan

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