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Glass is a photo sharing platform and photography community.

Built for adoration instead of addiction, Glass is a space focused on one thing — your photos.
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Post to Glass anywhere

Your photos shine on any screen — Glass is on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and the Web.

From Glass, share everywhere

You have total control over your images. When you post to Glass, you can share an individual image anywhere on the web. With our Public Profiles, you can create a portfolio or body of work to share anywhere.

In app Profile screen showing how to enable your public profile.

Community, not comparison

All the social network features you’d expect with none of the dark patterns driving engagement. Build relationships with and learn from other photographers while enjoying a chronological feed and no public counts.

iPhone notifications imageiPhone community image
Upload screen showing how to add categories to a post.Category list screen.Category feed screen.

Exploration, not algorithms

You’re in control over what you see on Glass. Explore a chronological feed of photography types like Street or Portrait to discover your new favorite photographers.

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Appreciation, not competition

Sometimes, a photo just sparkles and you need them to know. With Appreciations, you only let the photographer know — no public counts or data mining to power invasive advertising.

App image of an appreciation happening.

Word around town

"...it's evident that a lot of work and care has gone into its creation. The app's design is at a high level, and features are well thought out, especially regarding security and privacy."

Apple Insider

"...it’s an absolutely lovely, exquisitely-designed app. It’s downright serene scrolling through my Glass timeline..."

Daring Fireball

"We only answer to our community, which means all the decisions we make are in the best interest of our community and our business. We think it’ll be such a powerful shift in how these apps are made that we’re betting our company on it."


"Photographers will be excited by things like P3 color profile support, minimal compression, and EXIF data behind your photos."

Product Hunt

"From the moment you open the Glass app, it’s clear that the emphasis is on the photography itself. When you follow photographers, their posts will appear in a feed of images designed to minimize distractions."


"Glass immediately strikes me as the best possible crossover between Flickr and Instagram."

The Sweet Setup
iPhone profile imageiPhone report image

Safety as a priority, not an afterthought

Our community has no space for hate. Glass is committed to creating a safe space for photographers. Members are required to follow our Code of Conduct. Blocking, reporting, and account deletion are day-one features.

Glass is subscription-based, which means we won’t sell your data or pollute your feed with ads. We don’t answer to outside investors or advertisers, just members of our community.

$6.99 monthly or $39.99 yearly keeps Glass rolling.

Ads & algorithms?
No thanks.


Globe icon

Glass on the Web

Your photos shine on any screen — XDR Display down to an Android phone.

Community icon

Community for photographers

A place for you to share your knowledge and love of photography.

Tag icon


Add specific Categories to your photos and explore feeds to discover photographers.

Feed icon

Chronological feed

You have complete control over your feed — we never show you something you didn't follow.

Thumbs down icon.

No ads, engagement algorithms, or counts

Your feed won’t be polluted with ads or manipulated by algorithms.

Credit card icon

Subscriber supported

You’re the reason we’re building this, not what we’re selling behind the scenes.

Image icon

High quality images

P3 color profile support and minimal compression so your photos look incredible.

Document icon

EXIF data

Highlighting the details behind your photos.

Android, iOS, iPad, and Windows apps

Our Android, iOS, iPad, and Windows Apps immerse you in photography and only photography.

Public profile icon.

Public profiles

Keep a portfolio easily up-to-date that looks great on all devices.

Share icon

Shareable photos

Take your best photos and share them wherever you want.

Briefcase icon

Clear code of conduct and terms

Absolutely no hate-speech or white supremacy — our community is built on a common ground.

No eye icon

No data tracking

Your data can’t be sold, because we don’t track it.

Download icon

Download your data

Your data is yours — download it anytime.

Report icon

Blocking and reporting

Your safety taken seriously from day one.

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Suggest and shape the future of Glass.

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