Gorgeous on every screen.

Immersive grid

Get lost in a chronological timeline. Appreciate photography without being concerned about engagement metrics. A simple hover reveals the photographer, description, and timestamp.

Quickly browse

Our photo default viewing experience gives your photography a proper stage, but also lets you interact with comments from community members.

Or focus completely

Be totally immerssed in our full screen view where you can zoom into every pixel of a photograph.

Upload where you edit

Stop needing to transfer your exports to a different device just to upload them.

Share everywhere

You have total control over your images. When you post to Glass, you can share an individual image anywhere on the web. With our optional Public Profiles, you can create a portfolio or body of work to share anywhere.

Keyboard shortcuts

Navigate Glass with ease using our keyboard shortcuts. Fly through a profile or Category with the arrow keys, send an Appreciation with the a button, or start a comment with a simple c.

Explore our other platforms

Our native iPhone app and iPad app are designed to take full advantage of each platform.