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Chronoligical feed with Peek

Interface designed to get out of the way so you can focus on what matters most — the photograph. A simple swipe shows you who took what and when.

In app Profile screen showing how to enable your public profile.

A portfolio in your pocket

Quickly access the photography you've published anywhere, from an intuitive and modern native application.

Notifications you expect

We don’t like being incessantly bothered by notificaitons either, so we built Glass to respect your time and give you complete control over when we notify you.

iPhone notifications image

Inspiring Widgets

Use iOS widgets to get a view into your feed or a specific category. Be casually inspired right from your home screen by our phenomnal community of photographers.

Upload anywhere, privately

Glass uses the built in iOS photo uploader, so we don’t need to ask your permission to see all your photos. We only see what you choose — as it should be.

Reporting a swipe away

We want you to always feel safe on Glass, so we built blocking, reporting, and account deletion as day-one features.

iPhone report image

Explore our other platforms

Our native iPad app and our Web experience are designed to take full advantage of each platform.