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No interruptions (or ads)

Our chronological feed is edge-to-edge photography — no distractions or interruptions. Want more details? Just Peek in by pulling the photo to the right.

In app Profile screen showing how to enable your public profile.

Public Profile or pocket portfolio?

Our optional Public Profile means you can confidently share your work anywhere. P3 color support means photos look great on any screen (and as you intended).

No needless notifcations

You have complete control over when Glass sends you a notification. We'll never use needless notifications to boost engagement — promise.

iPhone notifications image

Photography right at Home

Our iOS widget displays photos from your feed or a chosen Category right on your Home Screen. Need to see it bigger? The photo is a tap away.

Privacy even during upload

Glass uses the privacy-focused photo selection tool built into iOS. We only see the photos you upload. You know, the way it should be.

Reporting is one swipe away

Safety is a priority for Glass. That's why we built blocking, reporting, and account deletion as day-one features.

iPhone report image

Explore our other platforms

Glass is also available on iPad, Web, and Windows where it has been designed to take full advantage of each platform.

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