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Your photography is the point.

Glass is a new photo sharing app and community for professional and amateur photographers alike.

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A new, distraction-free home for photographers

We want you to adore Glass, not become addicted to it. We’ve created a distraction-free app focused on one thing — your photos.
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Focused photography features

Your photography is front and center with full-screen photos, color profile support, and minimal compression. EXIF data provides insight into the technical side of your work.

Community, not comparison

All the social network features you’d expect with none of the dark patterns driving engagement. Build relationships with and learn from other photographers while enjoying a chronological feed and no public counts.

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Safety as a priority, not an afterthought

Our community has no space for hate. Glass is committed to creating a safe space for photographers. Members are required to follow our Code of Conduct. Blocking, reporting, and account deletion are day-one features.

Glass is subscription-based, which means we won’t sell your data or pollute your feed with ads. We don’t answer to outside investors or advertisers, just members of our community.

$4.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly $29.99 yearly (at launch) keeps Glass rolling.

Ads & algorithms?
No thanks.


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Community for photographers

A place for you to share your knowledge and love of photography.

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No ads, engagement algorithms, or counts

Your feed won’t be polluted with ads or manipulated by algorithms.

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Chronological feed

You have complete control over your feed.

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Subscriber supported

You’re the reason we’re building this, not what we’re selling behind the scenes.

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High quality images

P3 color profile support and minimal compression so your photos look incredible.

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EXIF data

Highlighting the details behind your photos.

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Shareable photos

Take your best photos and share them wherever you want.

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Clear code of conduct and terms

The community has a common ground to build on.

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Blocking and reporting

Your safety taken seriously from day one.

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No data tracking

Your data can’t be sold, because we don’t track it.

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Download your data

Your data is yours — download it anytime you’d like.

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You can shape the future of Glass.

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